Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Who/what do you love best????


I love you, Johnny, said mother one day,
I love you more than I can say,
Then she answered his questions with,
Don't bother me now!"
And just didn't have time to show him how
To tie his truck to his tractor and plough,
But she washed her windows and scrubbed the floor
And baked and cooked and cleaned some more.

"Bring the boy next door in?" "Well, I should say not,
You'll mess up the floors and I don't want a spot."
"No, we don't have time for a story today,
Mother's too busy cooking, so run out and play,
Maybe tomorrow," she said with a sigh,
And Johnny went out almost ready to cry.

"I love you, Johnny," again she said,
As she washed his face and sent him to bed.
Now how do you think that Johnny guessed
Whether 'twas he or the house that
she really loved best? 

I found this while visiting a lovely blog called Seven Olive Plants.  She found it through the magazine Above Rubies.  

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Still Making a House a Home...

I started this blog June 30, 2006.  Oh how life has changed since then. 

Mr. U was in full time ministry for 20 years, we lived in a tiny parsonage in a town with NO traffic light, and had only our son, Joshua, living at home.  Now?  Joshua is grown and living in Colorado and working full time.  Mr. U is no longer pastoring, but is working for Apple (yes, I know WEIRD career change, but when God says "GO!", you go!!), we moved back to the same large city that we both grew up in, and we have added two sweet blessings to our family- Elizabeth (now 8 1/2) and Caroline (now 4 1/2). We've also added diabetes to our family as Mr. U was diagnosed last Spring with it.  Lots of change.  Lots to learn. 

In my very first blog post, I shared,

"Why the name Making a House a Home? Well, anyone can live in a house, but making it a home is quite another matter. A house is a building but a home is inhabited by family members that love and care for each other. As the wife of a wonderful man, I have been blessed to be able to turn our house into a home- a place where my family longs to be at the end of every day."
 I still that very same way. I sooo want to continue making this house that we've been in two years, into a warm, welcoming home where my family can't wait to be each day.  

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

A new resolve!!!!

I don't know about any of y'all, but I have been online WAY too much lately.  I feel like my brain is getting mushy.  Can anyone relate?  Between using the internet for homeschool, finding Trim Healthy Mama recipes, and just plain old web surfing, I've been online a lot.  So I've decided to start scheduling online time to limit myself and actually, hold on for this one, READING a REAL BOOK instead. 

Shocker, right?

I soooo love to read!!  But I've gotten out of the habit in the past few months.  I do read to my girls for homeschool.  We read a LOT out loud, but no "mommy books", ya know what I mean? So, starting today, I am going to read ONE book a month.  I realize many of y'all are laughing at ONE book a month, but I need to set a very small goal for myself.  And since I'm blogging about it, it definitely holds me accountable.

As of today, I am starting with Desperate, Hope for the Mom Who Needs to Breathe by Sarah Mae and Sally Clarkson. 

OOh.  Just realized this is the end of the month.  Hmm.  So I will have this done by the end of October.  Baby steps, y'all, baby steps. 

Anyone else have monthly reading goals?  Anyone else NEED to read real books instead of just reading online????  Let me know and let's encourage one another!!!

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Help bring Nathaniel home!!!!.....

Our sweet friends, the Marques family, are in the process of bringing home their son, Nathaniel, from the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), Africa.  It's been a long, long, journey and it isn't over yet.

They are raising funds right now through a Tupperware Party!!!!!  SOOOO many cute and USEFUL things to purchase!!  Y'all think ahead to Christmas!!  Lots of the Tupperware products would make excellent Christmas gifts!!!  AND you will help a sweet little boy get to his forever family!!

Please, go here to shop their Tupperware fundraiser.

And go here to visit with the Marques family and learn more about Nathaniel.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

9 Habits of People Who Never Have to Clean Their Homes...

I just read this over at Country Living.  Hmmm I think I need to work on #2 and #3.  What about you??


9 Habits of People Who Never Have to Clean Their Homes

1. They put away their clothes every night.
When you're changing into your pajamas, it might be tempting to just toss your clothes on a chair or even on the floor, but don't fall prey to that lazy trap. It takes a couple of seconds to put them in your laundry hamper or return them to your closet. You'll be thankful that you won't have to spend extra time rounding up stray socks all over your room when it's laundry day. Same could be said when you're trying on an outfit or when you've just finished doing your laundry.

2. They don't own extras.
What are you going to do with a dozen sets of sheets or five cheese graters? If you don't need it: Edit, edit, edit. You'll be saving much more space.

3. They keep a paper trail to a minimum.
It's easy to leave stacks of junk mail, delivery menus, and old newspapers on every surface of your house. Create a good filing system to save the important documents and toss the rest.

4. They wipe down every surface after use.
Let's be real, the less grime build-up, the easier it is to clean. Mildew, grease, and food stains are not a good look for your house.

5. They don't have beds piled up with too much stuff.
Sure, it's nice to have some decorative pillows and throw blankets to maintain a perfectly styled bed, but let's keep it to a minimum. The fewer steps it takes to make your bed every morning, the more likely you'll actually do it.

6. They put their shoes and coats away.
It's common for an entryway to have a shoe pile-up or for coats to be haphazardly placed on the entry bench, but it sure doesn't look tidy. Put your shoes in your closet or place a shoe rack near the door. Make sure to hang your coat as soon as you take it off.

7. They never let dishes pile up.
This one's pretty much a no-brainer, but taking a few minutes to do three or five dishes is way better than doing 15 at the end of the week.

8. They put things back where they came from.
If you do this, you won't have a precarious stack of DVDs, magazines, books, and toys on your coffee table. This habit makes the panic-filled, 5-minute clean-up before guests arrive a little better.

9. They dust and vacuum on the regular.
A few minutes of dusting or vacuuming at least 2-3 times a week will save you from doing a deep clean on the weekend when you could be relaxing.


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